Mastering SaaS Campaign Management

If you work in marketing with a focus on growing the popularity of your company, product, or service, you should know how important SaaS campaign management is. Without preparation, your marketing strategy will not justify the investment.

There is an opinion that SaaS marketing is similar to other so-called “classic” strategies used by traditional companies. In recent years, the SaaS niche has expanded significantly worldwide. In an attempt to succeed and stand out from the competition, new companies offer state-of-the-art software, attracting giant attention.

So, if you want to be successful and are trying to sell your SaaS to a targeted audience, this article is for you. Let’s start with the main things that make SaaS different from any other type of marketing.

The first thing worth mentioning is product complexity. SaaS means you need to break down all the technical features into small, easy-to-understand crumbs. Any such product results from a long building and testing by experienced professionals endowed with an abundance of functions. As a marketer, you must take all of them and boil them down to a few key user benefits. Then, to make it easier to understand, you have to find the answer to the question: “How will this product make our customers happier?”

Secondly, you should always think about your target audience. For SaaS marketing, it is important that you know the types of companies and their team members who will be using your product to solve certain problems.

Last but not least is the pricing strategy. This is another point that distinguishes SaaS from all other marketing strategies. While pricing is a one-time transaction for many companies, it doesn’t fit SaaS at all. Monthly or annual recurring expenses make you think differently, keep that in mind.

SaaS Marketing Metrics to Track in 2023

These days, SaaS companies use numerous goal-specific metrics in their overall marketing strategies. Sometimes there are so many available that it can be difficult for you to choose. This paragraph contains the main marketing metrics if you want to know how to manage a campaign of SaaS marketing.

  • Customer Acquisition Cost. This tool will help you answer the question: “how much does it cost you to acquire a client?”
  • Lead Velocity Rate. A simple yet powerful metric to measure the growth of your marketing strategies.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead. This is the lead that passed the awareness stage and now jumps into the middle of your funnel.
  • Sales Qualified Lead. This metric is suitable for direct advertising. You will move your end users further up the funnel by identifying and separating leads.
  • Churn. This is an essential metric when it comes to subscription-based companies, and you should definitely use it in 2023. This is the best way to determine if your SaaS company is afloat or sinking.
  • Net Promoter Score. NPS will show if the brand’s relationship with customers is healthy and whether they are happy with your service, and what prospects you have in the near future.
  • Retention. This tool is just as important as the others, reflecting customer retention metrics.
  • Annual Contract Value. This metric is especially effective for subscription-based companies with multi-year plans.
  • Customer Engagement. This metric allows you to evaluate customer engagement. For example, how often they log in or which functions are used more than others.
  • Customer Health. Now you can evaluate whether your customer can re-subscribe to your service when the current one expires.

Here are the top of 10 SaaS metrics to use these days. Some of them are designed for specific solutions and some include optional usage.

Final Note

It is significant to note that the choice of campaign management services and strategies depends on your target audience. By evaluating the preferences and habits of your target customers, you can improve the effectiveness of your current or future marketing. Start with research to get to know your audience better, and then, run an effective campaign. Evaluate the SaaS metrics described above and choose the ones that best solve your problems.

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